We offer a CAD-CAM  projecting, scanning of 3D models - wide space dry laying on trial and on request installation with the collaboration of experts in the sector, instrumental measuring on site, realization of sketches and separate work realization.

High-precision milling robot

Milling shapes the workpiece as desired by removing superfluous material chips by means of a geometrically defined cutting edge and rotation of the cutting tool.
Our milling robot can carry out the machining tasks just like machine tools – as a matter of fact, they are even more flexible and versatile. Perfect to reproduce statues, bas-reliefs, columns and capitals.

Our machinery

Among our machinery we have:
  • Dry lay slabs to optimize the cut
  • High-precision Robot arm 6 aces
  • Water jet machinery for cutting
  • Profiling machine CNC 3 aces
  • but above all manual skill owing to a decennial experience.